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Safari 5 1

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Apple criticized when it was released version is very poor and unstable Safari for Windows. Things have much changed since then, however, and Safari 5 has been a long way since the introduction of the cult reading for better readability out on one page, the page loads faster and greatly improved support for HTML5 video support and better stability . all the original features such as tabs to browse the top for easier page management and Cover Flow through your bookmarks ITunes style preserved juga.Banyak comelSafari influence of Apple, is the first browser on Windows, the Top Sites, which is entering one of the most interesting aspects of Safari attention. Top Sites shows a panorama of the outline of your site the most visited on the same screen. Simply click on the window you want to visit, to go directly to the site. If you tend to visit the same sites every day, best sites easy way to access once you open the browser without access to bookmarks. It is also a good way to keep track of the sites you visit most often and you can lock your favorite sites in one place so you always know where it is when you open Safari. Website to identify a star in the corner with new content so you can see which dikemaskini.Sementara Cover Flow, which are known for all users will be ITunes, you can add a bookmark through a complete reversal of the web, because they have seen for the last time, when you see them. This principle is based on flipping albums ITunes. Although it looks great, but use dipersoalkan.Walau useful search history. Just enter a word and Safari exposes every page he cached with that word on – very useful if you do not know where the hell you have the name of a particular person or permainan.Tambahan a reader, you can view all the material on Although a single page view there is no way the font. There are also options to search Safari search box, so you are not tied to Google.ciri other useful features in Safari include tabs at the top, making it a little easier to access and open a tab at the top of Safari. You can also drag tabs to lain.Selain Safari window, keep all the standard features in Safari. By clicking on the RSS tag in the URL bar, you can have an idea of ​​all the items in the feed you can present chronologically and get a detailed or tajuk.Stabil and friendly destination penggunaSafari eliminated many insects, which was initially it difficult to use a computer and browser are now getting very stable and user friendly. HTML5 support has been improved which means you can watch the video in HTML5 format in full-screen mode, as well as HTML5 Geolocation features are now available to users Safari.Melayari in Safari is also easier and more predictive address bar, which actually wanted to to view web cache for keywords and archiving of exactly when you look at certain pages is more precise and smooth. Speed ​​has always been the essence in Safari and Apple’s, increased the tempo of the Nitro engine with advanced, claiming the execution of JavaScript faster than version sebelumnya.Bukan best, but of course Slick

Safari does not have a plug-in that is available compared to Firefox and Chrome, but you can not deny that Apple’s Safari brings a touch of style and class to your PC.

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