Getting Started

Product Details

Each Sideline Savant is shipped with Sideline Savant’s innovative binder as well as:

    • A secure pocket for your rosters, medical release forms, family contact information, game scoring sheet, and coach’s card.
    • Dry-erase field outlines with a dry-erase pen for sketching plays.
    • A clipboard to serve as a writing surface.
    • Velcro strips to store absentee player coins.
    • Team roster document
    • Generic Savant Score Sheet
    • Two label sheets and Velcro-compatible coins.


Once you receive the Sideline Savant, you first step will be to identify your players using the team roster document located within the document pocket. Next, download the complimentary ol5275 Template and type in each player’s name. The labels are designed to be printed with a laser printer. There are over one hundred individual labels on each sheet, enough for a few seasons. After you print the labels, you may find it useful to put the Velcro coins, hook-side down on the loop field and then remove the tape on the adhesive side of the coins. Then remove the labels and affix them to the back of the coins. We found this to be the easiest approach. We have also posted a score and substitution sheet on our website that you may find useful. The sheet has two lines to keep track of goals for your team and your opponent’s. Mark a goal and, in parentheses, the time it occurred, to avoid disputes later on.


If you watch the video located in the FAQs section of our web-site, you may notice that we set up both fields with the same formation and players, just in different colors. When Steve starts designing the subs and plays, he uses the coins from the bench in the contrasting color to lay out ideas on the sub field. He shares and discusses the approach with the players to involve them in the process. When the sub has been completed, Steve resets both fields with the current formation. He keeps track of the subs etc. on the score sheet. Then he starts over again with the contrasting colors on the sub field. That’s one approach. Other coaches use one field for all of the activity, but then you may lose track of the current positions and roles (just a caution). Use the
Velcro storage strips on the middle inside panel to take off players (both colors) who are not available to play in the game. The dry-erase pen is for the whiteboard on the middle back panel. Wipe the marks off quickly with a damp cloth or Expo White Board Care. You can also moisten a paper towel with a bit of isopropyl alcohol to clean the board, but that is a bit harsher.


This is a new product for us and your feedback is very important. Please let us know of comments or questions. We hope you will be willing to share your thoughts. Please feel free to contact us and, if you like the product, refer it to other coaches.

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