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AnonymoX 2 4

AnonymoX 2 4 torrent download

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AnonimoKs for Firefox add-on that allows for quick, confidential, anonymous click on butang.Jika about privacy on the Internet, anonimoKs is a good choice. Once activated, you can choose any IP address, delete the cookies and see your public IP address, all with the goal to live a little more networks selamat.Masalah many Gates IP and proxy servers, which are complicated to establish and can seriously slow down the search. This is not the case anonimoKs. It installs easily as normal for Firefox and automatically turn on the “identity” random. Clicking on the icon next to the address bar anonimoKs, then you can select the specific identity of the list, including the US, Europe and Asia.anonimoKs IP go a step further and ask the friendly remove cookies while leaving the web page or a change of identity, preventing sites from this recognition . The application also allows you to switch between their own services and Torah, but you can turn anonimoKs information at the bottom bar add-on, showing you what identity is associated with you, and that IP can not be viewed publicly. Click on this information will allow you to mengubahnia.anonimoKs good service, but not so flexible. Configuration options fairly limited to what can be seen in the interface, but it is, of course, that this service is very easy to use. Using the identity, we can also find anonimoKs be fast enough, but, as usual, some places are slower than others, especially in the selection of the United Siarikat.Jika he wants to hide IP casual and rarely while using Firefox, anonimoKs is a good free option. You can always upgrade to a premium service, but if you’re looking for a little more detail and / or anonymous configured suggest you look somewhere lain.Secara free, anonymous, casual, anonimoKs Firefox is an easy-to-use powerful tool.

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