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Sideline Savant

The Coach's Organizer!

Coaches, once you have your equipment and uniforms in the car trunk, the only other thing you need before a game is the Sideline Savant.   The Savant is the tool to organize your team, plan substitutions, sketch plays, manage your documents, keep score, and locate emergency information.

The Sideline Savant’s unique feature is two, lined, Velcro-compatible “fields” with compatible “coins” labeled with your player’s names.  The fields are set side-by-side so you can place the current “active” group of players on one field and plan substitutions for the group on the “bench”. 

This approach makes it easy for the coach to communicate, reduce stress, and have more time for support and instruction.  You can even hand the board to the players and let them figure out positions that work for them.  The coach becomes more of a facilitator and less of a “boss.”

In addition to the “fields” and “player coins”, the Savant also includes:

  • A secure pocket for your rosters, medical release forms, family contact information, game scoring sheet, and coach’s card.

  • Dry-erase field outlines with a dry-erase pen for sketching plays.

  • A clipboard to serve as a writing surface.

  • Velcro strips to store absentee player coins.

  • A scoring and substitution sheet.

  • Extra labels and Velcro-compatible coins.

The Sideline Savant will help your organization attract and retain coaches.  It will improve how coaches manage their teams and provide a better experience for their players.  Be smart, get a Savant! Ninety-three percent of coaches say they would recommend it to another coach.

For more information, please send an e-mail to sidelinesavant@gmail.com. Sideline Savant (patent pending) is designed and manufactured in Massachusetts.