How do I use the Sideline Savant?

Here is a brief, instructional video.

For additional information, go to our Getting Started page.

How is the Sideline Savant better than my current game management system?

Many coaches rely on spreadsheet schedules that cycle players through positions periodically. This approach is easy to follow, but it is not right for the “beautiful game.”  Coaches have to accommodate how their players are performing, what their interests are, what motivates them, and how to help the team be successful (aka win).

With a Sideline Savant, it’s easy to adapt to the situation, balance needs, and communicate with everyone.  Better yet, it will help you include the players in the coaching process, engaging their minds and bodies in the contest.  That’s fun!

The Sideline Savant can be purchased through the Square Marketplace. You can also find our table at soccer conventions and tournaments. Please check our Events page to see where we’ll be or follow us on twitter:

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